Paws Rescue Alliance

Advocates for Animals That Need a Home   

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be advocates for animals who do not have a voice.  In order to do this, we feel we need to follow a three prong approach. 


  • First we need to educate the communities we work in on the humane and proper treatment of their animals. 


  • Second, we need to follow through on educating on the importance of vaccinations and spays/neuters, and facilitate in providing these things in communities that do not have the means to provide for themselves. 


  • Third we need to help in the rescue efforts of those animals who need to be rescued.  While we cannot assist every animal that needs to be rescued, we can do the best we can to rescue those animals that are brought to our attention for one reason or another.  


  •  Care and love those animals who have been forgotten or fallen through the cracks.  We are advocates for the voiceless.