Paws Rescue Alliance

Advocates for Animals That Need a Home   


Q:  Why should I adopt a rescue dog?


A:  We have always said that a rescue dog never forgets that  he/she was a rescue dog.  They are loyal, faithful, and are in so much need of a forever home.


Q:  How do I know that the dog I am considering adopting is in good health?


A:  When adopting a dog, you have to know that there are not any guaruntees.  They are just like us, as they can get sick, can get a disease, can get hurt, etc. etc. etc.  But what we can guaruntee is that we have put every effort possible into getting the dog healthy through proper vet care, nutrition, love, and compassion.   We do not make animal available for adoption until they have received all of their vaccinations, have been de-wormed, have been fixed, and are micro-chipped.  Each dog receives a final vet check before being put up for adoption, as we try to do as much as we can to assure a happy and healthy future for your new dog.  


Q:  What if, for some reason, I am not able to keep the dog?


A:  Please contact us.  We will take the dog back into our foster system and try to re-home the dog as soon as possible.  


Q:  How does the micro-chip work?


A:  Your new dog has been micro-chipped in order to assure that the dog will be returned to you if ever lost, and if you are not available, we will be contacted.  We do not want any dog to fall through the cracks, and the micro-chip insures that the dog has the best chance to be returned to his/her home.  Once you have adopted the dog, and paid the adoption fee, we will change the owner information to your information.